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We bring you advantages with our digital solutions and our know-how.

The customer represents the focal point of our work – we support your digital transformation and further development with smart digital business solutions, long-term know-how and a suitable strategy. We examine your processes, organization and systems together, in order to identify potentials and optimize them in a sustainable manner.
Our team of experts is familiar with the significantly high requirements of the consumer goods industry and retail, but also with the possibilities – with the utilization of digital technologies – of adapting your value chain to the future, in order to satisfy demanding end customers.

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Our conceptual approach

We offer you customized advice, solutions and services.

With us, you have the perfect digital partner – use our experience and our integrated industry and process competence. Together, we analyze your processes, organization and systems.
Based on the gained knowledge, we develop the right strategy to improve your digital presence and your digital processes. During the realization phase, we support you and all the involved departments and divisions, with the transformation and up to the successful implementation of the future-oriented solution. We have the right specialist for each process, who is by your side, offering unceasing in-depth knowledge and invaluable experience.
Thus, we guarantee that all challenges and requirements that arise, such as in acquisition, scheduling, logistics, as well as in marketing and the shop connection or in the image pages – are understood by us, down to the smallest detail, with an intelligent, time-appropriate solution being developed, for an integrated, modern and economical process. We are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the smooth, rapid, transparent and cost-effective implementation of your project.


We offer the perfect strategy, high quality and customized solutions.

Perfect strategy

As a globally-active company you are dealing with demanding challenges on a daily basis. A future-oriented digital strategy represents an important success factor, which will help you meet the high-performance requirements, bring down costs and improve the service at the same time. We offer our support with all of this.

Industry experts

Our digital experts know and understand your industry and your requirements. This simplifies the collaboration – we implement projects in a manner that is smooth, rapid, transparent and cost-effective. We always keep the best practices in your industry in focus.

Tailored solutions

The business processes for manufacturers, retailers and online providers appear largely the same to outsiders. At a closer look, however, one will realize that the requirements are very specific and differentiated. We develop individual solutions, thus combining the innovation with what is perceived as standard, and use components from the best providers, in order to generate the best solution for you. A vast, complete solution is not always necessary; we offer a range of partial solutions for the relevant fields.

High quality standard

You expect a high-quality standard. Judge us from our services! Your company, you and your employees have to be satisfied with our solution – with a simple way of handling things, an easy-to-understand operation and effective processes.


We move your business forward.

We provide CRM and ERP systems to make your company faster, better and more economical. These offer a uniform database, connect information, support workflows and automate standard processes. They also ensure transparency and simplify the daily work of your employees.

Commerce and e-commerce

Commerce and e-commerce

▪ Point-of-sale guidance ▪ Branch management ▪ Distribution of goods ▪ Online shops ▪ Marketplaces and platforms ▪ Payment methods ▪ Inventory information ▪ Click & Collect ▪ Click & Reserve ▪ Ship from Store ▪ Ship to Home, Endless Aisle ▪ Return to Store

Returns and complaints

Returns and complaints

▪ Returns notification ▪ Returns processing ▪ Customer complaints ▪ Complaints to suppliers ▪ Exchange ▪ Credit

Scheduling and Acquisition

Scheduling and Acquisition

▪ Sales planning ▪ Requirement planning ▪ Supplier management ▪ Order processing ▪ Goods receipt and storage ▪ Quality assurance

Distribution and marketing

Distribution and marketing

▪ CRM and address management ▪ Target group selection ▪ Customer loyalty Prospects and tenders ▪ Advertising campaigns ▪ Advertising and purchase vouchers ▪ Up- and cross-selling ▪ Customer inquiries and offers ▪ Web shop Customized prices and discounts ▪ Order review and evaluation ▪ Customer notifications

Storage, shipping and distribution

Storage, shipping and distribution

▪ Commissioning ▪ Consignment ▪ Packaging and shipping ▪ Supplies ▪ CEP and forwarding service provider ▪ Backorder management ▪ Customs duties and Intrastat ▪ International shipping* Cross-border connection and shipping* ▪ Periodic inventory ▪ Permanent inventory

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Stephan Rehlen

Managing Partner of HIPRONET

Solutions for your daily business

With decades of experience in the field of process digitization, procurement optimization, digital logistics, and solving individual customer requirements, both me and the HiProNet team are at your disposal.
Together, we will implement concepts that are tailored to your business, both needs-based and sustainable. We will always focus on your actual needs. In this way, we will save costs and significantly reduce the internal workload.

For me and my team, it is important that we have satisfied customers, with whom we can face market challenges on a long-term basis.

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Some of our specialists who are here for you.

They are not building a business. They inspire people in building their business.

Stephan Rehlen

Senior Process Advisor & Founder
Strategy concepts, digital logistics, process digitization, e-commerce, digital customs linking, digital storage systems

Andreas Auch

Senior Logistic Advisor
International transports, import/export, air freight, sea-air, sea freight, land freight, CEP, global Door2Door deliveries, sea-air service ex Asia, cross-border service, cross-carrier freight concepts

Frank Reißmann

Senior Technology Advisor
Digital transformation of companies and divisions, ERP implementation, IT concepts for modern cloud architecture, IT project leadership, interim CIO

Swen Hermann

Senior Customs Advisor
Customs processing for import and export, export control, foreign trade law, tariffing, linking customs software, interfaces

Alisa Krauss

E-Commerce Shipment Advisor
Online Portal for comparison of CEP service providers + CEP shipping, cross-border shipping for B2C customers USA

Frank Reißmann

Senior Technology Advisor
Digital transformation of companies and divisions, ERP implementation, IT concepts for modern cloud architecture, IT project leadership, interim CIO

Dirk Böhmel

Senior Logistic Advisor
National / international storage concepts, supply chain management, consultancy & freight control

Alisa Krauss

E-Commerce Shipment Advisor
Online Portal for comparison of CEP service providers + CEP shipping, cross-border shipping for B2C customers USA


Don’t be busy – be productive!


Initial contact

Collaboration based on a set of common values
With a non-binding initial meeting, we are able to learn about your issues and concerns: we listen carefully to form an idea about your requirements and needs, as well as to think about potential solutions to help your company progress whereas digital development is concerned.


Discussion and planning

Together, we will successfully align your system landscape to future requirements. We accompany you through all processes, monitoring your current workflow and implementing it in your system. We are happy to check and optimize the system you have set up on a continuous basis, integrating new marketplaces, customizing processes and training your employees, according to their areas of responsibility.


Final strategy

Our professional digital experts will support you in developing your final strategy, which path should be followed and implemented, so that both you and your employees can work with the new solution, in a satisfying and highly/motivating manner.



The implementation requires a well-prepared schedule, which we will coordinate with you in advance. Our digital experts offer their support with the preparation for the data transfer, helping you follow the simplest and shortest route, with expertise and focus.



After the implementation and various test runs, we coordinate the processes together and provide workshops to help your employees gain the necessary security in handling the new tools.



After the first few days, we will coordinate the results together and adjust the respective processes, until everything unfolds in a smooth manner. After a few months, we carefully verify all the processes again and fine-tune them if necessary.


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